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With Or Reitman

Reiki, like other energy work modalities, doesn't necessarily heal the body, but rather, creates space for the body to use it's own intelligence to heal itself. Reiki can create space for healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wounds. As long as the client is ready to face the healing journey they must face as their natural karmic path. 

Reiki affects every individual differently and experiences may vary from client to client. 


Or is Reiki level 2 attuned and uses Reiki to facilitate healing in the physical plain mostly. If there are emotional and/or mental blockages that needs to be addressed, they will be presented to the client in a safe environment and with the sensitivity to have the ability to choose if that's what they wish to get out of the energy work .

Or will guide you through a deep meditative state, clear your Chakras and adress what ever areas that need more attention and blood flow and assist with removing energetic blocks that the body holds. Or uses touch and works with adding minor body adjustments, if needed, upon the client's request. Reiki is very safe and simple at it's core principles and can be accommodated to any individual that is willing to receive the energy. 

Or Reitman

Or is from Tel-Aviv, Israel. He moved to NYC in 2011 to pursue a career in dance and attended the Alvin Ailey School of American Dance. While studying dance he became interested in other forms of bodily expressions and has been teaching since 2013. 


Or teaches that being attuned to the body/mind connection can lead to great healing in one's life. He utilizes Pilates, body work, and energy work in his sessions to give his clients space to find freedom through movement. Ultimately, Or works to help his clients find agility and longevity through sustainable methods. 

Or is certified in Pilates Mat/ Apparatus, Personal Training, The Verticality Method, Pilates for Neurological Conditions, Myofascial release, Reiki I/ II/ III and Reiki Master teacher.

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