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Open Studio

What is Open Studio?

Open Studio is a concept going back to Joseph Pilates original studio format where you had exercises and flows you were working on in between your private sessions - or instructed classes - and you booked studio time to come do your own routine.  

212 Pilates Studio is bringing back Open Studio with a twist.  You will take all your pilates knowledge and time spent in classes and start to learn your own flows.  We will have new posted workouts around the studio as well as a youtube library of different workouts you can put together to work on different things and a teacher on the floor for questions and corrections. 

This is YOUR time to grow your practice and get back on our equipment.


Here are some tutorials to build your routines from, ideally you will watch them in advance and have an idea of your plan.  There will also be new routines posted around the studio for those who don’t need the audio or visual cues.  

REQUIREMENTS: at least 10 Private Pilates Sessions or Instructed Group Classes on the Pilates Reformer. 

Please remember to be careful, modify and start slow.

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