Semi Private Pilates

55 minutes with in Studio availability for 4 clients

Balanced Pilates Flow with Ashley

Wednesday 6:00pm


Ashley’s Mixed Level Reformer Semi Private emphasizes flow, function, and building anatomical literacy. Throughout class, participants will not only be paced through appropriately challenging repertoire but also build a body of knowledge to help them move with ease and efficiency both in and out of the studio.


Inside Out Pilates with Jaclyn

Monday:         7:00am


Tuesday:       7:00am


Thursday:     7:00am

Each class will start with a warm up that gets the body moving in all planes of motion focusing on firing the deepest layers of our core. From there we will be moving on the reformer with clear intentions on maintaining that core connection found. Class will focus on gaining strength, mobility, and creating long muscles. Jaclyn infuses her knowledge of the anatomy of the body, it’s modalities, and her dance background into the choreography of her classes to create a fluid, fun, totally body workout!

212 Pilates Reformer with Or

Tuesday:  3:00pm



Thursday: 3:00pm



212 Pilates believes in individual attention and our reformer classes have only 4 students per class allowing modifications, requests and the ability to flow with the students needs rather than pre-decided choreography.  212 Pilates reformer classes are based in biomechanics and use a balance of traditional and classic pilates exercises mixed with new exercises and challenges.


Reformer Pilates with Julia

Check back soon for more class times!

Julia uses her knowledge of biomechanics and body- reading to create a class that helps to build strength, and create healthy movement patterns that can easily be transferred into daily life. She focuses on correct form and precise execution of movements to build strength, while simultaneously helping clients to deeply connect to their bodies through breath work . Julia will make sure you feel encouraged, challenged, and safe while trying to facilitate true change in your body.

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Virtual Semi Privates

Due to COVID19 we are running a virtual studio and here for all your movement and wellness needs.

Availability for 6 clients

Virtual: No Props Needed with Ashley!

Tuesday: 12:15pm

 No props - no problem!

This 55 minute Pilates workout uses body weight and relationship to gravity to create a challenging, full bodied workout that will leave you feeling strong and lengthened.

Each class will begin with a warm up, aimed to stabilize the joints and ground the body and mind. From there, we move with mindfulness to repertoire designed to build coordination, strength, and flexibility.


Virtual: Or Presents Mat/Chair Pilates

Monday:        1pm


Friday:           1pm

This class is based in biomechanics and use a balance of traditional Mat Pilates exercises mixed with new exercises and challenges.


The class will incorporate all the exercises done on the 212 Pilates reformer class only done on the floor at the convenience of your own home. Using props like a dining room chair, towels, a tennis ball, hand weights, and pillows to enhance and compliment the experience and guiding you to feel longer, taller, stronger and hopefully use these times of virtual classes offerings to incorporate the class into your daily routine.