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In light of COVID-19 we announced our temporary physical studio closure last night.  Today I am happy (read: as happy as I can be under the circumstances) to share that we will be moving online.

Please make sure you have a device with Zoom capability and ample floor space.  We do not expect you to have any specific props but instead will be working with things most people have around the house such as a towel, pillow or chair.  With Zoom you can also change your background easily so you don’t have to let people have a glimpse into your home if you chose not to. 💻

The classes will still be themed and created by the teachers teaching them, sharing their individual personalities and passion. Keeping normality and human connection during this time is paramount and we are happy to have found a way to stay connected.  🧘🏽‍♂️🧘🏼🧘🏻‍♀️

Classes will still be small and intimate.  As there is more flexibility we are asking YOU what times are ideal for classes and if you have requests for teachers. 👍🏻

We are offering individual sign ins and bookings via our usual MindBody and Dibs BOOK NOW platforms on our website and any other partner platform you have always used to book us as long as they continue to allow for it.  Within an hour before class we will send a link out inviting you to the ZOOM Room class.  🖥

We ask if you have a group of friends, family, roommates or neighbors you book a private time through us and we will work to accommodate and keep everyone moving rather than trying to squeeze extra people into a small group.  🤳🏼

Private one-on-ones and duets are also available to be booked normally through phone (the studio phones are being forwarded) or via email 

Your current class packages expiration dates will be extended appropriately after the situation passes with an extra time cushion to allow everyones routine to return to normal. 👏🏼

It’s not ideal but I truly believe that this is the right and responsible decision if you have any questions or thoughts please reach out to 

Please stay safe, smart and healthy during this time.  Remember to move, breathe, laugh, communicate with loved ones and keep some sort of routine.  ✨

With Care,


Tara & The 212 Pilates Team 

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