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Wellness Services

Fascial Stretch Therapy with Corrie

FST sessions are designed to take the ‘scary’ out of stretching. FST is a table based assisted stretching modality, created by Ann and Chris Frederick with a specific “no pain, still gain” mentality. Clients should expect 60-90 minutes of relaxing bodywork. You can trust Corrie to stay within a range of motion that set off no alarms in the nervous system, making this a restorative and pain-free therapy. Staying and working-in the clients’ safe zone gives FST the unique quality that makes the method deceivingly productive. Expect an increase in range of motion, blood flow, and body awareness, while decreasing pain, stress, and overall sense of tension.

Intro 3 pack 30 min         $195

Single 30 min                  $75

Ten pack 30 min             $700

Intro 3pack 60 min          $395

Single 60 min                  $150

Ten pack 60 min              $1400


Intro 3 pack  90 min        $585

Single 90 min                  $210

Ten pack 90 min             $1975

Boxing with Jacob from Basana 

Basana is a full body workout which combines boxing exercises and yoga stretches. 


We combine the energy and strength from a boxing workout with the mindfulness and flexibility that comes with a yoga session. 


Basana is a one-hour workout which perfectly balances strength and energy into one. 

New Client intro 3 Pack  $275

Single Session               $120

10 Pack                          $1050

Duet Single Session      $80 per person

Duet 10 Pack                 $750 

Reiki with Or

Reiki is a an ancient energy work method that originated in Japan. Reiki has a longstanding lineage that has been passed through the Reiki masters that have been practicing for centuries. Like many other energy work modalities, Reiki is a form of healing that passes through the Reiki attuned practitioner onto the client through direct touch, mental intention and/or both. There are 3 different levels to Reiki, where the practitioners get attuned to once they've gone through their own self healing journey. as 'all healing is self healing'.

Reiki, like other energy work modalities, doesn't necessarily heal the body, but rather, create space for the body to use it's own intelligence to heal itself. Reiki can create space for healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wounds. As long as the client is ready to face the healing journey they must face as their natural karmic path. 

Reiki affects every individual differently and experiences may vary from client to client. 


Or is Reiki level 2 attuned and uses Reiki to facilitate healing in the physical plain mostly. If there are emotional and/or mental blockages that needs to be addressed, they will be presented to the client in a safe environment and with the sensitivity to have the ability to choose if that's what they wish to get out of the energy work .

Or will guide you through a deep meditative state, clear your Chakras and adress what ever areas that need more attention and blood flow and assist with removing energetic blocks that the body holds. Or uses touch and works with adding minor body adjustments, if needed, upon the client's request. Reiki is very safe and simple at it's core principles and can be accommodated to any individual that is willing to receive the energy. 

New Client Intro 3 Pack  $360

Single Session               $150

10 Pack                         $1350

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