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specializing in listening to the body to strengthen and heal through movement.


About 212

212 Pilates uses a personalized approach to create custom programming for each individual client. We address the body as it appears in the current moment -- utilizing biomechanics, anatomy and body analysis to create the perfect session for the client’s specific needs. 

Our practitioners are results-driven and safely guide clients through exercises to strengthen and sculpt the body. 

We house a varied community of holistic practitioners who also call 212 Pilates their home.



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Classes We Offer

Virtual Semi Private Pilates

Due to COVID19 we are running a fully virtual studio and here for all your movement and wellness needs.

Virtual: No Props Needed Mat Work w/Ashley!

 No props - no problem!

This 55 minute Pilates workout uses body weight and relationship to gravity to create a challenging, full bodied workout that will leave you feeling strong and lengthened.

Each class will begin with a warm up, aimed to stabilize the joints and ground the body and mind. From there, we move with mindfulness to repertoire designed to build coordination, strength, and flexibility.

Virtual: Or Presents Mat/Chair Pilates Class!

This class is based in biomechanics and use a balance of traditional Mat Pilates exercises mixed with new exercises and challenges.

The class will incorporate all the exercises done on the 212 Pilates reformer class only done on the floor at the convenience of your own home. Using props like a dining room chair, towels and pillows to enhance and compliment the experience and guiding you to feel longer, taller, stronger and hopefully use these times of virtual classes offerings to incorporate the class into your daily routine.

Virtual Stretch, Release & Restore

Give your body and mind the break it deserves with Stretch and Restore Virtual Pilates Mat. This 55 minute restorative session seeks to stretch, mobilize, and release areas of the body that carry tension- hips, neck, and shoulders. We will focus on moving with ease and efficiency, utilizing the breathe as our prime source of movement.  

Each teacher will create their own personal take and spin on this based on what the class in front of them needs.


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