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Larger Group Classes

55 minutes

Larger group classes take up to 15 people at a time. They are held in our private studio and offer a larger variety of class options. While all our classes are inspired by pilates, these sessions will incorporate other techniques, styles, and props for a different challenge!

Single                    $40

5 Pack                    $175 ($35/session)

10 Pack                  $300 ($30/session)

LIIT Pilates with Jaclyn

7am Mondays

LIIT Pilates is a low intensity interval training class. Class is broken down into segments of 3 minutes of work and 20 seconds of rest. The work sessions change between cardio and strength sessions. This is a perfect complimentary workout to reformer Pilates as it is a full body workout, increases your heart rate, but brings in the body awareness, core strength, and breath work we focus on in a traditional reformer class. Bring a small towel and water with you to class and get ready to sweat! It’s going to be so FUN!!

Jaclyn Fitness shot_edited.jpg

Pilates Barre + Mat

11am Sundays

This class incorporates the principles of mat Pilates and the strength training aspect of Barre. High in intensity yet low in impact, this class is a perfect escape from the hustle of the city to just focus on your mind and body and listen to some good music. Expect strong full body pushes combined with deep stretches using weights, balls, bands and other props.


Group Mat Pilates with Or

7am & 9am Fridays

Join Or for a Pilates mat flow that integrates deep core, strength training, and dynamic stretching that is based in mindful breathing and movement.
During the flow of the class, Or incorporates many components from his extensive experience with traditional and contemporary Pilates modalities, various dance techniques, Yoga and more.
This class is for you if you’re looking to expand the connection between the mind and body, enhance muscle tone and endurance, improve mobility, amplify bone health, increase lung capacity and oxygen flow
between the heart and brain, and bring ease, zest and pleasure to your daily activities.
With Or’s experience with injury prevention, reduction, management and neurological conditioning and health, you can rest assured the class will leave you feeling healthier, stronger, pliable, malleable and feeling freedom in

Register and pay for classes on our Schedule Page.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.

All cancellations made within 24 hours of the session will result in a full charge. 

Virtual Semi Privates

Due to COVID19 we are running a virtual studio for all your movement and wellness needs.

Availability for 6 clients

Drop-in rate   $20

Virtual: Mat Pilates with Props
2 pillows, 2 light hand weights and 2 tennis balls

Monday:        1pm


Friday:           1pm

Or's class integrates a deep, fundamental connection to the core muscles, organs and softer tissues that makes up the viscera - The Core. 

Or uses tennis balls, bands and light hand weights to gain access to the body's innate mobility, stability and inner strength through sustained breathing and mindfulness. 

Or's thorough approach along with the application of intent, deep breathing and clear visualizations will leave you feeling grounded, collected, strong and whole. 

This class fits all shapes and sizes and welcomes anyone who is looking to gain a deeper understanding of their body’s natural flow, build strength, flexibility and balance. 

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