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Ashley Y

Ashley (they/them) is a gym-bro, try-hard turned Pilates instructor certified through Polestar Pilates. Their classes are athletic, functional, and rigorous and approach Pilates as an accessible and adaptable cross-training method. Being a professional dancer and lifter, their expertise resides in structuring classes and sessions that build muscular endurance, functional strength, and sustainable mobility.

Corrie F

Corrie believes that being a good teacher does require knowing the ABC’s inside and out, but that the real magic of teaching happens when the other party connects A to B, or X to Y. Corrie puts the highest value on adapting to each individual she works with to facilitate the reception of information. For this reason, Corrie is not only interested in staying up to date with good biomechanics, but also in understanding the neurological and psychological side of movement facilitation. She has been facilitating movement since she was 15, instinctually, out of pure desire to share the incredible technique of Pilates which she’d newly been exposed to. It became a job for her five+ years ago, when she certified through BASI (Dance Specialization), though she’s still very much driven by the same curiosity and love that first fueled her. Corrie studied dance at Chapman University and California Institute of the Arts, but her plans were rerouted due to injury from a car accident. Being forced to relearn movement patterns in hopes of escaping the newfound chronic pain gave her a whole new lens into Pilates, convincing her all the more on the importance of listening to the experience of others and teaching according to their contexts. Corrie is deeply committed to meeting other people right where they are at, and applying her understanding of breath work, Pilates, fascia (Fascial Stretch Certified), the brain (Pilates for Neurological Disease workshop), biology (Pre-Post Natal, Diaphragm/Psoas workshop) to produce sessions and classes that strengthen, mobilize, energize, and inspire whoever comes her way.


Julia U

Julia fell in love with Pilates originally for it’s ability to heal her own body through several injuries she developed as a result of being a performer for many years. She quickly noticed drastic changes in her own body awareness and strength, and an improvement in her imbalances. Years of being a singer and dancer has given her a deep awareness and appreciation for what our bodies are capable of and she is passionate about introducing this to others.  Julia received her 600+ hour certification through Erika Bloom Pilates. She has worked with clients of all levels, including those with various conditions or special populations ranging from injuries, pre/post natal care, osteoporosis, scoliosis, those with chronic pain, and post-op rehabilitation.  Julia uses her knowledge of biomechanics and body- reading to create customized sessions that help to correct imbalances, build strength, and create healthy movement patterns that can easily be transferred into daily life. She focuses on correct form and precise execution of movements to build strength,  while simultaneously helping clients to deeply connect to their bodies through breath work .  Julia will make sure you feel encouraged, challenged, and safe while trying to facilitate true change in your body.

Or R

 Or Reitman is from Tel-Aviv, Israel. He moved to NYC in 2011 to pursue a career in dance and attended the Alvin Ailey School of American Dance. While studying dance he became interested in other forms of bodily expression.

  Or teaches that being attuned to the body/mind connection can lead to great healing in one's life. He utilizes Pilates, body work, and energy work in his sessions to give his clients space to find freedom in movement. Ultimately, Or works to help his clients find agility and longevity through sustainable methods. 

  Or is certified in Pilates Mat/ Apparatus, Personal Training, The Verticality Method, Pilates for Nuerological Conditions, Reiki I/ II, and Myofascial Release. 


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