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Your Wellness Professionals

Jaclyn S

Jaclyn has been a dancer all her life and is a firm believer in the idea of  “Movement is Medicine.” As her dance career progressed,  Jaclyn pursued other avenues to cross-train and fell in love with Pilates. She is certified through STOTT Pilates and uses her knowledge of the body from her training and dance background to create specialized routines for each individual she works with.

Jaclyn believes Pilates is more than just a workout. She sees it as a way of living and wants to help people become more aware of their bodies and in turn see that awareness spill over into their life. She focuses on infusing breathe, and proper form in her sessions to strengthen the mind-body connection of her clients, thus making them stronger, more aware individuals. Jaclyn wants to push her clients while making sure they feel safe and supported through the process. 

Or R

Or Reitman is from Tel-Aviv, Israel. He moved to NYC in 2011 to pursue a career in dance and attended the Alvin Ailey School of American Dance. While studying dance he became interested in other forms of bodily expressions and has been teaching since 2013.  


Or teaches that being attuned to the body/mind connection can lead to great healing in one's life. He utilizes Pilates, body work, and energy work in his sessions to give his clients space to find freedom through movement. Ultimately, Or works to help his clients find agility and longevity through sustainable methods. 

Or is certified in Pilates Mat/ Apparatus, Personal Training, The Verticality Method, Pilates for Neurological Conditions, Myofascial release, Reiki I/ II/ III and Reiki Master teacher.

Angie L

Angie Lu was born in California and raised in Taiwan. She is bilingual in English and Mandarin. She is a contemporary dancer with an MFA from NYU/Tisch School of the Arts.

As a dancer, Angie experienced her fair share of injuries. In the process of healing, she discovered her love of Pilates. She is certified as a Comprehensive Pilates Instructor through Balanced Body. She has a love of anatomy and wants to convey that Pilates is not only a hard work out but also an opportunity to learn about your body.

In class, she loves creating a positive environment. She teaches with humor and in a style that brightens up the session. Working with a neutral spine and connecting the mind and body are the main focus. On top of that, she balances with the three muscle contractions of Concentric, Eccentric, and Isometric in the movement.

Fun, Joy, and Learning are all you need!

Megan D

As a lifelong mover and active person with a background in dance and sports, Megan can relate to many different movement goals. She strives to use Pilates to help people to feel good about moving, re-gain strength they used to have, find strength they didn’t know they had, and move without pain or restriction.

Having completed a comprehensive mat and equipment certification at The Lab and continued her studies through extensive advanced workshops and certifications, Megan loves exploring the ability for the human body to accomplish things and to heal itself. Her style of teaching
Pilates is contemporary in its approach, taking inspiration from studying movement in many different contexts and honed by her tendency to research everything. She enjoys the energy of group classes and the specificities of one-on-one sessions that are geared to your particular needs and goals. She wants you to leave the studio feeling better, taller, energized, and more
free to move than when you walked in.

Izzy T

Izzy Thier grew up bouncing from coast to coast between Connecticut and California. A lifelong dancer, she was first introduced to Pilates during her ballet training and it was love at first roll up. The physical and mental challenges that Pilates provides is extremely rewarding to her as both a student and a teacher. Her teaching philosophy is firmly grounded in finding and developing healthy movement patterns for every individual body. Her classes are challenging yet energizing and will have you leaving the studio feeling further connected with your mind and body. Izzy received her Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Certification through Gramercy Pilates NYC.


Yara A

Yara brings a unique blend of athleticism and mindfulness in her classes. With a childhood steeped in gymnastics, she developed a deep appreciation for movement and strength. Transitioning to Pilates, she found not only physical alignment but also a mental challenge that resonated with her deeply and her journey led her to purse a Comprehensive Pilates Certification through Gramercy Pilates NYC, where she honed her passion for guiding others to towards their own goals with precision and a mind-body connection. Her teaching style focuses on providing a physical and mental challenge individualized to each body.

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