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"Go slowly with this stretch and use visualization to guide you. "Imagine you had your favorite beverage balanced on your pelvis; you want to keep it steady and not spill your drink either between your legs or towards your stomach," says Gordon."


"...who knew you could do leg lifts with a bottle of rose?"...

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"To prepare for the ceremonies, I worked closely with Tara Gordon, the founder of 212 Pilatesin New York City, who helped me identify areas of my body where I was carrying stress, muscle groups I wanted to strengthen, and areas that were strained due to improper technique. "


"We worked out in swimming pools, on the beach, on rocks with bottles of Rose. She taught me that "working out" doesn't have to be something you get dressed for and then go do. It should be part of every day and it should make you feel good, not wiped out and miserable. I did a class with her yesterday, I could swear we didn't do abs, my stomach says otherwise."


"Be kind to yourself. Fitness, or movement, is not a punishment or a chore. I barely use the word fitness. I believe your “movement” practice should allow the rest of your life to be better and allow you to do the everyday things that you love."

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