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Meet Tara

Owner & Founder, 212 Pilates

Hello! I'm Tara, owner and founder of 212 Pilates and am stoked to open up and share the 212 Pilates community with you.  

I began casually practicing pilates in late 2005. As a Type-A Manhattanite, I spent (nay, wasted) most of my private sessions focused on my blackberry. Pilates was a small break in my week spent working too many hours behind a desk and even more hours in sky-high heels. It took me a little longer than most to trade in my technology for a deep breath and my constant connection to work for my own mind-body connection; when I finally found the connection, it was life changing.


In late 2013, I quit my corporate job to live abroad, travel, write and take a moment to pause and explore who I was - to see if I was who I wanted to be, and if I was as happy as I could be. “Pause and Explore” became my mantra for my journey, and it continues to be my mantra in my solo pilates practice. I take the concept of “Pause and Explore” into my relationship with my clients as well. During my travels, I not only practiced pilates at studios around the world (in different languages) but I also came to realize just how fundamental pilates was to my life. Every time I booked a flight back home for a visit - before scheduling anything else, before making plans with my friends and family - I booked a pilates session.


Once I realized this, it hit me like a runaway push-through bar; no matter where I was, no matter if I was coming or going, pilates centered me. It brought me home. It was my pause, it was my explore, and pilates was my home away from home.  


While abroad, I knew that eventually I’d have to return to reality. After much self-exploration, I applied for a teacher training certification and was accepted.


When I started this professional journey, my friends didn’t understand why it was taking so long; so many fitness teacher trainings are in and out. My certification spanned over 10 months, beginning with a comprehensive anatomy course. The certification I earned included not only the traditional classical pilates repertoire, but also contemporary and therapeutic modifications based on active knowledge of biomechanics. I completed the national standard (and then some!) in Pilates fundamentals, mat, reformer, cadillac, chair and barrel. This is the point at which most instructors are let out into the world of fitness to teach but my certification didn’t stop there - the comprehensive program I completed also certified me in much more than choreography. I was further certified in but not limited to: pre and post natal, special populations, back pain and spine, hip, knee and other extremities, shoulder and wrist, osteoporosis, common pain issues as well as other contraindications and injury prevention and rehabilitation. I am proud to serve these communities.


Even with 8 years of personal practice, my instructor certification required over 650+ hours of training - and I loved every minute of it! I continue to engage in ongoing continuing education and research, and am on a constant search for knowledge. Now I pause and cannot believe how lucky I am to be doing something I love every day. More importantly, I get to do what I do and help other people feel incredible in their own skin.


I have been lucky to study under the most amazing master teachers including but not limited too Tom Myers, Erika Bloom, Doris Pasteur Hall, Leslie Powell, Kuan Hui Chew, Rebekeh Rotstein, Kathy Comparatore and Mariska Breland. I have also been lucky to work along side fantastic and talented instructors who I learn from continuously.


I build my sessions around my clients’ specific needs and wants - which may often vary from day to day, or build around a long term goal. I start with body reading and analysis and discuss their goals. A program could consist of any mixture of non-stop, physically taxing fitness-based movements, therapeutic exercises, postural strengthening and structural integration, lengthening and balancing the body and mind with the breath, and much more. A pilates session can be as difficult, or as slow and rejuvenating as the client wants or needs. The best sessions have a little of everything mixed in.


I took all of this to heart when creating 212 Pilates and I cannot wait to welcome you to our new expanded studio and wellness space!


Here for You

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